Celtic Chain Instructions

Celtic Chain - A challenging chain for those chainmail artisans that have a few designs under their belt. A variant of a orbital chain, this link has a lot of versions to offer. Estimated jump rings necessary to make a 9" chain. [55 - 16ga 6.5mm ID jump rings; 85- 18ga 4.0mm ID jump rings]

This project uses the following size jump rings.






STEP 1: Materials

We are going to start this project making a simple 1 - 1 jump ring chain. A very straight forward beginning. There are steps you can take to speed up the process, but for now I think this is an easier way to learn the concept.

For this example, use 16ga 6.5mm ID - large jump ring, 18ga 4.0mm ID - small jump ring

STEP 2: Link together using alternating sizes

This is a classic 1-1 Chain. Link the large jump ring to the small ring alternating the pattern.

Speed Hint: Close all of the small rings first, then open the large jump ring to link the chain


  Celtic Chain Step 2

STEP 3: Add new ring

Open a large ring and add it to the small ring.

  Celtic Chain Step 3

STEP 4: Keep repeating the pattern

Continue adding rings until you reach the desired length of the chain.
  Celtic Chain Step 4

STEP 5: Begin building the Celtic Ring

Start in the middle of the chain. It is easier to handle and you can work your way out from the center. Add a small ring to the top of a large ring.

  Celtic Chain Step 5

STEP 6: Add One Below

Add a small ring to the same large ring in step 5, but on the bottom.

  Celtic Chain Step 6

STEP 7: Move Over One Ring

Add a new small ring to the next large ring to your right
  Celtic Chain Step 7

STEP 8: Add the Bottom Ring

Add a new ring to the same large ring in step 7, on the bottom. The small rings should recreate a square with a ring in the center.

  Celtic Chain Step 8

STEP 9: Insert a Large Ring

Open a new ring and insert it through the (4) small rings you added in steps 5 thru 8. The ring must be inserted through the small rings in a clockwise direction.

Top Left Ring: from the outside inward

Top Right Ring: from the inside outward

Bottom Right Ring: from the outside inward

Bottom Left Ring: from the inside outward

  Celtic Chain Step 9

STEP 10: Examine the Rings

If done correctly the large rings should sit inside the small rings. Compare your work to the picture.
  Celtic Chain Step 10

STEP 11: Flip the Chain, Add a Ring

Flip over the chain. Add a new large ring as you did in step 9. The small rings are now stabilized and it should be a little easier

  Celtic Chain Step 11

STEP 12: Celtic Complete

The large rings you added in step 9 and step 11 form a sandwich over the main chain. Notice how the small rings point together.

  Step 12 Celtic Chain Mail

STEP 13: Let's Do it Again

Add (4) new small rings to the next set of existing large rings.

  Step 13 Celtic Chain Mail

STEP 14: Add the Top Ring Clockwise

Open a new large ring and insert it clockwise through the (4) small rings

  Step 14 Celtic Chain Mail

STEP 15: Flip the chain

Flip the chain over.

  Step 15 Celtic Chain Mail

STEP 16: Add the Top Ring Clockwise

Open a new large ring and insert it clockwise through the (4) small rings

  Step 16 Celtic Chain Mail

STEP 17: Continue the Process

Continue the process for the entire chain. For speed you can add all the large rings to one side, then the other.

  Step 17 Celtic Chain Mail

STEP 18: Speed

A faster way to create this chain! Pre-close all of the small jump rings. Open a large jump rings and pick (5) closed small rings. Close the large jump ring. Open a new large jump ring and pick up (5) closed ring and thru (1) small ring from the previous group. Each time up add (5) and attach to the small ring on the previous group, make sure that it splits up the chain so that there are (2) rings on the top and (2) rings on the bottom. This will speed up the process.

  Step 18 Celtic Chain Mail

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